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There are evenings in summer  I find myself longing for the moments I was able to enjoy on the West Coast watching the sun sizzle down into ocean at the end of it's daily trip across the sky. It was so majestic. Watching the sunset is not just about the beauty created as the sun changes from a white source of blinding light and heat to a more gentle ball of red fire that warms instead of cooks. It is about closing a day, the end of a cycle, and bearing witness to the truly astronomical phenomena that is our daily planetary movement.  It is about realizing how magnificent our everyday nature and world can be.  Watching the sunset reminds you that there are much bigger things at play, often faster than we realize, in what we feel are the fast paced hectic schedules of our lives. 

Last night I had the fortune of kayaking out from Lane's cove in the evening before sunset. It was time for me to take a break from my own hectic life.  Myself and some crew from Discovery Adventures decided to hit the water for a Sunset paddle.  The sun was still high, framed only by scattered puffball clouds, an occasional trail from a jumbo jet, and deep blue sky. It lit up the cove and warmed the wheat colored granite wall separating us from ocean, and while we passed through the entrance, the sun drifted high behind us almost waving, as it began it's descent to the horizon.  As I was about to discover, you can watch the sun set over the water in the east, when you paddle out of Lane's Cove. 

Working our way out on the ocean we found the shoreline aglow, some found balance, some found the feeling of a perfect paddle stroke. The grasses and seaweeds were greener, the tidal lines on the rocky shoreline were more contrasting, the lobster trap buoys peppered the water with colored polka dots.  We laughed and smiled bobbing and turning as we cruised through the surf. When we landed at the flat rocks the sky had begun to change. The color shifted from white light to orange. The edges of the sun began began to define. We could fix our eyes upon it's majesty without risk of blindness.  We stopped to survey the landscape, paused as we considered helping the multitudes of starfish now drying in the air as the waters of low tide splashed several feet away. Realizing that like the sun, the coast and all it's various life has its cycles too, we moved on.  The sun drove further towards the horizon turning the sky into a tie dyed dream.  As it moved towards the horizon you could begin to get a sense for how massive and just how fast these celestial objects (one of which we are riding on) are moving through time and space.  It was hard to not notice how small it made everything else feel. 

We stared... speechless... in awe. 

We were grateful....

Hot on the sun's tail was a wisp of a crescent moon. As the blue sky darkened it grew confident to leave it's hiding spot amongst the sunlight.  We sat and shared and as we did, the moon followed it's brother to the horizon shifting in color from white light, to orange, and then a deep red, before diving behind the horizon. 

The show was over.......

As the constellation stage hands played their busy role of cleaning up the night sky and writing our horoscopes,  we packed up our belongings and ourselves.  The sky was darkening, so we strapped some glow sticks to the bows, sterns, wrists, necks, and even some heads and plunged our boats back into the ocean.  Now we were abuzz... There were bioluminescence by the coast this night and the excitement of our paddling made them sparkle in our wake.  

It was the perfect end to a day. One part exercise, One part fresh air, One part ocean, One part friendship, and every part life. If anyone ever asks,  Sunset is my hands down, best time of day for a Kayak trip.  I hope some of you will come join us and feel it for yourselves.  It is truly amazing. 

There are only so many weeks of summertime left. Let us share with you how great it can be.......

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