Discovery Adventures


New to kayaking or stand up paddleboarding?  Want to learn some skills to make it easier, safer and more fun?  Come learn with us!

2 Hour Kayak Instructional Class 

$100 per person Class Limit of 4 people

This class is structured for the novice paddler.  We can teach you correct paddle techniques and advanced paddle strokes including Draw strokes, Bracing, Sculling, Rolling.  This makes paddling more efficient and can prevent injuries. We may practice rescue techniques for part of this class as well.  Clients are encouraged to ask questions and participate in class.  It's the best way to learn and practice under the guidance of a experienced instructor.  Classes are tailored to clients paddling level so they are fun and informative.

2 Hour Kayak Rescue Clinic

$100 per person Class Limit of 4 people

This class is designed for paddlers looking to gain self sufficiency on the water with friends or alone.  We offer instruction in assisted and self rescue techniques.  We can show you and discuss the minimum safety equipment one should have when alone or leading a group.  Topics concerning boat channels, navigation, charts and tidal movement are included.  We encourage clients to ask questions regarding concerns they may have about on the water safety so we can address them. We want to provide you the opportunity to be safe and confident on the water.

2 Hour  Standup Paddleboard Instructional Classes

$100 per person  Class Limit of 4 people

This class is for the amateur SUP'er.  We accompany you on a paddle in and around Lane's Cove covering foot placement, proper paddling technique for smooth consistent propulsion, turning strokes and safety concerns. We have different sized boards of different materials and design for clients to experiment with and can also answer questions regarding different styles and materials used in boards for those interested in investing in a SUP at some point in the future.

discovery adventures

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